You green-eyed so and so

Keep your fork there's pie!
5 July 1976
I talk well, I listen well. I like things that explode, be they fire breathing or volcanoes. I adore genuineness and a raucous sense of humor. I make up dialogue for my cat. I make mobiles out of paper cranes and bits of string. I bind books out of materials that were never intended to bind books. I write a lot when no one is looking.

I'm wild for inventive street theatre. fire, sparks, circus delights & the Vaudeville macabre; the political, the nonsensical, the brilliant and the bizarre- ah, that's where my heart is!

*Circus arts, acrobatics/acrobalancing training since 2005
*Stilt walker
*Hellcat with a grinder
*Agent Provocateur for Primary Element
*Singer, good with harmonies
*Shameless accordion novice
*Object manipulation; including marching band rifle & flag (4 years with Seattle's most notorious marching band), fire chains, some juggling
*10-year love/hate relationship with Aikido
*Artist's model
*Grizzled old veteran volunteer/organizer for the geniuses in this town, including the Degenerate Art Ensemble, Circus Contraption, the INB, Hazard Factory, Primary Element & PostWorld Industries